Briarcliff Manor Wedding Cinema – Samantha & Matthew – Seeing Samantha and Matthew’s wedding day unfold was an absolute joy. The day started with a tender first look, capturing those candid, timeless moments that speak volumes about their love. They shared a quiet, intimate moment together before the whirlwind of the day truly began.

As the day progressed, family and friends gathered, and we took some beautiful shots that really highlighted the closeness and warmth of their relationships. These moments are always some of my favorites—when the love and support surrounding a couple shine through in every smile and embrace.

The ceremony took place in the main ballroom, with one of Samantha and Matthew’s closest friends officiating. There’s something incredibly special about having someone so dear lead the ceremony, and you could feel the deep connection and love in every word spoken.

When the formalities were over, the real celebration began. Samantha and Matthew’s first dance was nothing short of magical—scratch that—captivating. The way they moved together, so in sync and full of joy, set the perfect tone for the night. The toasts brought laughter and a few tears, with heartfelt words that perfectly encapsulated their journey and love story.

As the evening continued, everyone hit the dance floor. It was a night filled with dancing, laughter, and a palpable sense of love and happiness. Seeing everyone come together to celebrate Samantha and Matthew was a reminder of what these gatherings are all about—celebrating love and the start of a new chapter.

Every moment of Samantha and Matthew’s Briarcliff Manor wedding cinema was a testament to their love and the strong bonds they have with their family and friends. It was a beautiful day that will be remembered for years to come, and I feel incredibly lucky to have been a part of it.


Venue: The Briarcliff Manor – Briarcliff, New York

Wedding Videographer – Matthew Thela