Cara & James – The Candlewood Inn Wedding Video – Cara & James summer wedding was filled with so many unforgettable moments. From the First Look by Candlewood Lake to the intimate last song of the night, we were able to capture so many unforgettable memories.

The entire wedding day took place at The Candlewood Inn, an Idyllic Wedding venue nestled on the shores of Candlewood Lake in Brookfield, Connecticut. Their wedding day was a awesome combination of the intimate atmosphere of the wedding venue and the fun and energy that the bride and groom and family and friends brought to the day.

The bride and groom were both so down to earth, easy going and were so cute together throughout the day. Cara & James met on one fateful day on a blind date at Marist College. From the moment James saw Cara walk through the door, he knew his life was about to change.

The bride and groom had a touching first look by the lake under the afternoon sun.

The wedding ceremony was then held by the garden, with the lake glistening in the background. The couple spoke heartfelt vows, and exchanged rings and we couldn’t help but feel the love that radiated between them. The soft, golden light of the setting sunbathed the scene in a warm glow, creating a romantic atmosphere that was simply enchanting.

The reception took place in the Grand Ballroom as the bride and groom danced the night their first dance to, I am yours by Andy Grammer. The toasts soon followed with heartfelt words by the Bride’s father, the bride’s brother and the maid of honor. The rest of the evening was electric as all of the bride and groom’s guests danced throughout the whole night.

We had the pleasure to be the wedding videographers for this Cara & James’ Candlewood Inn Wedding Video.

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Reception: Candlewood Inn – Danbury, Connecticut

Wedding Videographer – Matthew Thela