Whitby Castle Wedding Cinematography – Sakura & Brad – August 26th, 2022, was a day filled with love and joy as Sakura and Brad celebrated their wedding at Whitby Castle. The fall colors in the leaves created a stunning backdrop as the couple exchanged their heartwarming vows on the field in front of the castle.

I remember the moment Sakura walked down the aisle, the soft rustling of leaves underfoot adding a natural melody to the ceremony. Brad’s eyes lit up, and you could feel the love and excitement in the air. Their vows were deeply personal, filled with promises and sweet memories that had everyone smiling and tearing up.

After the ceremony, the celebration continued with heartfelt toasts that spoke volumes about their journey together. Friends and family shared stories that showcased the candid and timeless love between Sakura and Brad, bringing laughter and a few happy tears.

The night truly came alive when Sakura and Brad shared their first dance. It was a beautiful moment, with everyone gathered around, watching as they moved gracefully together, lost in their own world. The music played on, and soon, everyone joined in, dancing the night away under the twinkling lights.

Every moment of that day felt so genuine and full of love. From the emotional ceremony to the lively dancing, it was clear that Sakura and Brad were surrounded by people who cared deeply for them. It was a celebration of not just their love, but also the strong bonds they share with their family and friends.

Looking back, the day was a perfect blend of candid moments and timeless memories, all centered around the love that Sakura and Brad have for each other.

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Venue: Barn at Villa Venezia – Middletown, New York

Wedding Videographer – Matthew Thela